Fantastic Orthopedic Sandals With a Special Health Sole

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Thanks to the special fit and the extra soft padded sole, the newly developed design of sandals ensures a healthy, comfortable and safe attitude when walking and running. Sandals correct your posture and eliminate the muscle weakness and muscle imbalance in your body by perfectly balancing your feet while wearing them to adjust your bones properly. After just a few weeks, the positive changes in your everyday life and when you walk/run become noticeable - you won't be able to walk without Relief™ anymore!

Exclusive Fit

Specially developed in collaboration with orthopedic surgeons to develop a cozy and comfortable fit that counteracts foot and heel pain

Pain Relief

Removes the pain that may result from flat feet, incorrect posture, imbalance, muscle weakness, etc.

Smooth Pressure Distribution

The three-sided design ensures that your weight is evenly distributed on the toes, heel, and foot.

Posture Correction

Corrects your hips, corrects your leg position to avoid muscle diseases/muscle pain, by automatically adjusting your feet

Easy To Remove

No annoying laces to tie

Can Be Worn For Hours Without Discomfort

Fixed and Non-Slip

Stylish Design

Fantastic Orthopedic Sandals With a Special Health Sole
Gold / EU: 35, US: 4 - $34.95
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